Australians are now experiencing a government dictatorship. Until citizens have meaningful, ongoing stakeholder engagement through open dialogue, then democracy remains a farce, and our tax dollars will be misspent.

And I should know – I’m a change manager and communication consultant. I’ve had a gutful, and reading your letters to editor…I know we’re on the same page.

Aussies are no longer interested in government engagement via a three-year ballot box. We want a fair bloody crack of the whip – and that’s an ongoing place at the table.

This is our draft agenda; I’m suggesting we hash the issues between now and 3 December, before Australians march in protest on federal and state governments to present problems and potential solutions to our neurally-challenged political managers – not leaders.

Because let’s face, this is a crisis. Australians need change to become a socially progressive country. The nature of quality change management is always top-down and bottom-up approach – together, we are ‘our pollies’ best bet in becoming, the best version of us.

Draft agenda:


  • Access to RU486 non-surgical abortion for girls and women…currently only 1094 Aussie doctors are registered with MS Health to prescribe out of 102,000 GPs…less than 1%, which means 4870 patients to every RU486 prescribing doctor since TGA approval Aug 2012 (figures as at Feb 2017)
  • Ban alcohol sponsorship that damages our children
  • Government-funded rehabilitation centres for drug users
  • Meaningful funding for mental health programs and to reduce homelessness
  • Ban Medicare-funded IVF


  • Anti-bullying programs in all private and public schools
  • Free civilian spot-a-terrorist training programs: everyone must be eyes and ears


  • Independent Ethics Committee to oversee all government spending
  • Independent public committees to oversee government departmental spending to prevent wasted tax dollars; eg. ATO recently installed squat toilets for 20% diverse people, when third world countries are phasing them out in favour of western sit toilets
  • Removal of GST on tampons and pads with funding towards domestic violence prevention programs and women made homeless through domestic violence
  • Remove internal government-provided psychiatrists for frontline specialists and increased treatment for PTSD sufferers including military, police, ambos, teachers, firies…
  • Senate reform to address party gridlock

Law and crime

  • All sex and domestic violence offenders to wear tracking systems for designated period and develop national database for all offenders, including DNA
  • Decriminalisation of abortion in 5 of 8 Australian states
  • Law reform that protects domestic violence and sexual assault victims from perpetrators and better funding for criminal rehabilitation

Human Rights

  • A new Aboriginal department and minister to progress human rights for Australia’s First Peoples: similar to Minister for Women
  • Terminate employment of the WA police who are responsible for death of Julieka Dhu, who were at best negligent in their duty of care and at worst, committed manslaughter
  • Same sex marriage: equal rights for all Australians
  • Shut-down Manus Island detention centre and stop locking refugee children up


  • Australian foreign property ownership laws requiring citizenship


  • Ban religion institutes funding government campaigning for true secular state


  • Corporate law reform: cut tax breaks for business that do not create new positions
  • Reintroduce work penalty rates for poorest Australians

Climate change

  • Greater funding for renewable energies including federal and state alignment
  • End Indian Government Adani coal mine project that kills our environment and protects their interests via off-shore accounting