It’s my humble opinion that regularly embracing one’s idiot-self is damn good for the soul. Cause no one is getting it perfectly right – that would be crazy talk.

Truly, everyone is perfectly-imperfect. This is the basis for acceptance of our social diversity. We are entitled to have different core values, principles and behaviours – if we seek to do no harm.

And since I started this exceptional growth phase, a few things regards this are patently clear. For one thing, sure it sux to get it wrong – but that’s exactly where the good stuff is at.

I have learnt more about myself and who I want to be, and therefore, who I want to know, than possibly imaginable in the past three months.

Although loathe to naval-gaze publicly, given propensity for self-reflective mouthvom – it’s okay on this occasion because my overriding hope is this…

If you’re feeling a dickhead too, I’ll just strap a trusty phallus briefly to forehead, before removing to move on – thus demonstrating the value in failure. Albeit indelicately and via self-amusement; obvs nothing new to see here, folks.

I firmly believe that we learn the most from the people we surround ourselves with. Modelling is my preferred education style.

Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any copy precedence regards this week’s der brain moment – but as mate Kristina kindly suggested to me recently, ‘embracing fear’ seems to be where I’m at.

My reasons for coming clean are important for those of us, ‘working’ to own our faults. Basically, I’m no fraud. Accountability and responsibility are always important to me.

Because, if I can’t own me and my actions – then I should just hang up my boots now; you can hardly expect the same from anyone else.

The things is…when you screw up and admit it – what you’re looking for, is how people respond, and your mental reckoning regards the reveal.

Because the skinny is this. As-long-as you’re a good person – it’s only ever what you think about yourself that matters. The rest pales.

My other point: I’m only interested in authentic these days, both in me and the next. I aspire to being as consistent a character as possible.

Nothing annoys me more, and loses my trust and respect quicker: these being the established relationship principles.

And funnily enough, I’ve noticed in becoming truest self – your tribe, even just peripheral, reveal their themselves too – directly and/or by omission. Who knew? But then I’m easily shocked: I’m a known ‘gasper’.

For me, it comes back to this. I’m nothing but a monkey who seeks reciprocity. You scratch my back – and scratch yours. Then I’ll raise you one, by helping you to pick your nits.

Because real kindness is gold – not from those appearing one way publicly, only to show self privately, and vice versa. But it’s what you do with the disclosure – that shows you, you. I do what I’ve always done: cull.

Picture yourself driving, and half the backseat is telling where to go – this happens a shitload more to women than men…right now, straight up.

Advising me of my duty and who I am, to what I should aspire – and what my values and behaviours must be – always gets someone mentally booted from my canary yellow with black racing stripe 428 Cobra Jet.

I have always, and will always, excise deadwood like it’s no one’s business – because it isn’t. That’s the job. Most do not get you to where you’re going.

People come in and out of our lives with regularity – relationships are: for a reason, a season and if lucky, a la my folks married 47 years…a lifetime. But it’s unusual to grow with people that way.

And here’s why: just when I think I know me, I’ve changed – not atrophied but expanded my knowledge of self, in direct relation to the experiences that I’m seeking.

So, that’s why, I’m humbly willing to announce nomination today for the 2017 Darwin Award – in a new category, whereby one only inflicts a small body wound…shooting self-in-foot.

Jumping gun, I have prematurely announced my employment with esteemed Predicate Partners; only being halfway through their quality recruitment process.

However, there was a silver-lining. With all the painful tribe refinement; my true peeps emerged – and I so was happy to see them. So, wish me luck with my peer review, and leadership meet-and-greet this week.

Even if it she’s a no-go and I have too dust self-off, again – thanks for revealing you, one way or another. I’ll keep doing the same; with heart-on-sleeve and my old mate Fear tucked in back pocket.